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Stokes Construction Company, Incorporated has been serving the central part of North Carolina since the 1950’s. The company is now in its 3rd generation of ownership and management.

We have a broad range of experience in the commercial, institutional, industrial, and medical fields. We are proud to be extremely diverse in our ability to take on projects that might be out of the “wheelhouse” of our competitors. We have found over the decades that carrying a broad range of skilled workers and competent vendors can make us much more successful at navigating through the tough restraints that many construction projects include.

We employ full time, legal, highly trained, professional construction workers. Our superintendents have all risen through the ranks of the company and are consequently a part of the culture that has made the company successful. We put the interests of our customers first. We stay dedicated to creating a perfect product every time, and we try every day to solve problems rather than to create them.

We are a family owned and managed business, which generates enormous pride in each and every job we do, from the small to large. Each job is quality checked and reviewed from beginning to end by our Stokes project managers and staff.

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